New Venue Coming to Blakely

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Downtown Blakely will soon get a new place for its community to come together.

It's been years since the space at 42 North Main Street had anything in it, but have been pretty busy lately in the building.

The city's mayor and his wife, Anthony and Jennifer Howard, own the property.

"We're getting real close to being finished," says Mayor Howard. "We've put in ADA handicap approved restrooms. We found a mural on the wall. We're gonna clean it up and be ready to open soon."

The space may be filled with the sounds of power tools, but it won't be long before it is filled with a very different sound- gospel music.

Mayor Howard says a local group asked him and his wife to host a gospel sing that on the third Friday of every month. The group had been meeting at a local building that was sold.

"It's a group of mainly males that have guitars and drums. Just old fashioned gospel singing." explains Howard. "Everybody's welcome. Anybody and everybody."

They'll call the venue Polly's, after a woman with a flair for singing. Howard says his mother was a big music enthusiast, and that he will name the building after her as a tribute.

But Polly's will give people a chance to pay tribute to their own family histories.

"We want people to feel like this is their building. If they want to bring memorabilia, old photos, we'll put it on the walls."

With familiar faces on the walls, the smell of cedar, and the sounds of the southern tradition, Howard hopes Polly's will become a place where even more local history is made.

He says the venue will also host weddings, class reunions, and even business meetings. Polly's is expected to be ready in the next few weeks.

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