New Trash Trial Program

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The Houston County Commission previously approved a sanitation trial program but today they made a few changes.

Instead of purchasing a new truck with a mechanical hand and going to nearly a quarter of the county, garbage collectors will be going to an area around Madrid.

The new trash cans will be bigger so residents may want to leave the cans on the curb for the week instead of wheeling them back and forth down their property.

County officials will also ask residents to put all of the cans on the same side of the street.

The main goal for this trial process is to get feedback from the citizens.

"It is really more efficient, there is always growing pains with change but everywhere we have talked to people about this after they got past all the questions and issues about this most people feel like it has been an improvement, " said Mark Culver, Houston County Commission chairman.

Culver says this new system will save the county money since they do not have to have two people on the back of the truck physically empty the trash cans.

Residents won't getting new trash cans until next year.

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