New Sign Regulations For Dothan

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It's been a long process for the Planning department; five years to be exact.

But planning officials say the changes were all to make Dothan an attractive city for visitors.

"These regulations are much more involved and tries to hit a lot of the high points that we had heard in the development of them, " says Director of the Planning department, Todd McDonald.

Local outdoor advertisers say the new ordinances include size and brightness regulations and limit how long signs can be up.

"You can have a portable sign display your message three times a year for 30 days maximum at a time, " says McDonald.

"We think the legislation is fair, of course we would have liked to seen things a little different than they were but after a long process and working thru, we think it was fair for all parties, " says VP of Operations at Durden Outdoor, Bill Durden.

Those parties including the city, outdoor advertisers and most importantly, Dothan residents.

"We had a lot of complaints about the brightness of the signs. Some of them have toned them down, there are still a couple in the city, they're so bright you can't look at them at night, it'll impact your vision, you wont be able to see, " says McDonald.

"We don't want our displays to be overly bright at night, number one for safety, number two is for visibility because you can't read the signs if the light is too bright, so that's one of the things that we worked hand in hand to try and get a level playing field which would be fair to all companies, " says Durden.

"A lot of people were complaining about some of the portable signs. Some of them didn't have messages on them. Some of them were so broken down they couldn't have messages on them," says McDonald.

The message for the city is clear. Officials believe the new rules will keep Dothan at its finest.

"With sign regulations, they are meant to enhance the appearance of our community, especially in this day and age when we are competing against people for jobs and for businesses, we want to make sure our community puts our best foot forward, " says McDonald.

The new sign regulations will go into effect on October 1st.

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