New Science Classrooms for Northview High

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The Dothan City School Board recently decided to approve Michael Lee & Associates as the new architect for improvements at Northview High School.

The project will renovate all the classrooms on the science hall at Northview. School officials hope to modernize the rooms to current science classroom lab standards. The total cost is estimated to reach one million dollars.

"Well it's something that is long overdue, unfortunately we haven't been able to use our science labs for about 10 years now and our students have been having to go over to Dothan high school which has great facilities. Our science department is extremely excited that the school board had selected an architect so that we can do our science labs and experiments right there on our campus," said Chris Shaw, Northview High School's principal.

The current science hall hasn't had any renovations since the school's opening in 1978.

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