New Satellite Images Show Possible Debris from Missing Malaysian Flight 370

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There are new developments this morning in the search for the missing Malaysia airlines plane and it's 239 passengers and crew.

New satellite images from Japan and Thailand give more hope that searchers may be closing in on the location of the missing Malaysian airlines jet.

Grainy images from Thailand show hundreds of objects floating near an area where planes and ships have been searching for Flight 370. The objects were spotted about 1,600 miles west of Perth, Australia.

It is also about 125 miles from the area where a French satellite spotted 122 objects on Sunday.

But experts caution there is a lot of junk floating in the southern Indian Ocean making it hard to find the wreckage.

"You've got a situation where you are looking, not for a needle in a haystack but a needle in a needle factory," said Charles Moore with the Algalita Research Institute. "You are looking for trash in an ocean full of trash."

Search planes didn't get very much time in the area Thursday. High winds, heavy rain and low clouds forced officials to call them back to base.

Ships in the region will continue the search for Flight 370's wreckage. However, officials say the heavy seas will make it hard to spot any debris.

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