New Move Over Alabama Statistics

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Each year thousands of police officers are run over by distracted drivers.
Since 1999, 170-officers have been died as a result of those accidents in the u-s.
But new statistics in Alabama are promising.
Back in 2006, Alabama put the move over law into effect.
This law says that when a driver sees an officer pulled over on the side of the road, they must move into the opposite lane.
If you can't get into another lane, you have to slow down 15 miles below the posted speed limit.
Since that law has been in effect, the number of officers getting hit, has decreased.
And this year in Alabama has been the best year so far.
“We haven’t had any incidents where troopers have been struck as a result of people moving over by the move over law.”
This is comforting news for cook.
He says since this law went into effect billboards and public service announcements have done a great job spreading awareness to this issue.
"That’s a big key, notifying the public and keeping them informed on the public laws."
Just last year, utility trucks were added to the move over law.
This means if you come across a company like Alabama Power, you must move into the opposite lane.

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