New Laws for Florida and Alabama

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If you live in Alabama or Florida, these new laws will affect you or someone you know in some way.

Getting behind the wheel without insurance could now cost you more in Alabama.
Starting on the first of January, the state is implementing a new law to crack down on those drivers who aren't following the already mandatory insurance law.
With this new law, the Alabama department of revenue will oversee an online verification system that can instantly pull up insurance records.

This means if you get pulled over, an officer can automatically see if you are insured, and if you're not
You could be fined up to 1000 dollars and have your registration suspended.

Florida is also working to fix their driving laws.
Back in May, Governor Rick Scott signed a law to clamp down on the state's personal injury protection system.
And now with the New Year, the medical benefits provision will take place.

This law, if you are involved in an accident you must report an injury and seek treatment within 14 days.
If you are a policy holder you could receive up to 10-thousand dollars in benefits for emergency medical care and 25-hundred for less serious injuries.
These amounts are up from previous benefit amounts.

Another number that's going up is Florida’s minimum wage.
It will go up 12 cents to 7 dollars and 79 cents an hour.
The increase is expected to boost annual incomes by about 3 hundred and 70 dollars a year.

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