Daleville Gains 4-Legged Officer

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Meet Officer Quno Von der Plassenburg.
You can tell from the name he is not from around here.

Kevin Cheatwood, Daleville K-9 Officer said, “He has only been in the states now for 8 months.”

He is fluent in a foreign language.

Ofc. Cheatwood said, “I got lucky, I was stationed in the army in Germany. And I learned German so it was natural.”

And has a lengthy resume.

Ofc. Cheatwood said, “Highly intelligent, he is a level 3 shutz, 5 time master at it.”

That’s a German working dog sporting event that tests tracking, apprehension, obedience agility. All qualifications to make him a perfect candidate to protect and serve.

Chief Harvey Mathis, Daleville Dept. of Public Safety said, “If we have a fleeing felon, or a child is lost in the woods, or someone with dementia is lost in the woods, it is just another asset we can use. I think the officers and the city should be proud that we have him.”

When he’s not working, Quno’s a loyal companion.

“I pick him up on a Friday, that night he’s laying on the floor and my kids are laying on his belly watching TV," Ofc. Cheatwood said.

Chief Mathis said, “When we display the officers pictures on the wall, the Quno’s picture will be up there on the wall with the officers.”

Quno’s handler says that he will be trained in narcotics. That type of training could take weeks. But Quno’s a fast learner.

Quno was donated to the police department. The only expenses for the department were for food and supplies.

If you see him out make sure to wait for the officer say it is ok to pet him.

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