New Judge Handling VictoryLand Casino Raid Case

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TUSKEGEE, Ala. (AP) -- A new judge has been assigned to the case involving the state attorney general's seizure of electronic gambling machines and cash from VictoryLand casino in Shorter.

Circuit Judge Tom Young has appointed Circuit Judge Ray Martin to replace him in the Macon County case.

The Alabama Supreme Court ordered Young to step aside from the case Friday because he made disparaging remarks about the state's "attempts to enforce Alabama's gambling laws against VictoryLand."

Court records show Young did as the Supreme Court ordered and he appointed the next senior judge in Macon County to replace him on the case.

The case involves the seizure of more than 1,600 gaming machines and more than $223,000 in cash during a raid in February. VictoryLand's casino has been closed since the raid.

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