New GED Test

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Every ten years, changes are made to the GED test.

Now, instead of taking the test on paper, it's done on computers.
And that means changes will be easier to make.

For over a year now, Wilford Peterson has been studying for his GED.

"I'm taking all the subjects; math, social studies, science, English, I'm taking all of that".

With new common core standards, Peterson and other students preparing for their GED will have to adjust to a new test .

"The new GED will focus on 4 parts, where the other test focused on 5. Reading and writing have been combined and it's called reasoning thru language arts. Mathematics is going to include about 55 percent algebra this time and then there will also be the science and the social studies, " says Linda Watson, Adult Education Director at Wallace Community College.

And the biggest change, no more paper test.

The new test will be computer based.

"We have good teachers out here so I know I have help. I feel it's going to be different but I don't mind it, " says Peterson.

"We're definitely including more computer instruction in the classroom and because it's going to be based on the common core standards, the national and state common core standards, we'll have to beef up some of the math instruction and also in the language arts part, " says Watson.

Peterson says passing the GED means he's one step closer to achieving his goals.

"It would mean a great deal for me. I'm planning on taking classes at Wallace to go into automotive, I'd like to do that so that if anything ever happens to my vehicle, I'd be able to fix it, " says Peterson.

"80 percent of the new jobs are going to require some training beyond the high school level to be able to get a living wage. So we want to prepare our students to be able to enroll in those kind of programs where they can earn a living wage, " says Watson.

The new cost of the test is $120.00 but there is a scholarship option for those who qualify.

To find out more information about it call Wallace Community College at 334 556 2373.

Students at Wallace Community College will be taking the new version of the test starting January 16th.

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