New GED Program for Sayla Therapeutic Resources

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Wallace Community College is bringing their GED program to Sayla Therapeutic Resources.

"They have a number of students on site that need to be working on their high school diploma and we have the kind of set up that if we have 15 students or more we can set up at a sight and offer the individual instruction to prepare them to take the GED," said Linda Watson, director of adult education.

For the first time Sayla will have educators on site to help their students prepare for the GED.

"They're going to have access to the computers and the books and the actual Wallace curriculum for them to be able to get the GED so everybody is real excited," said Kelly Hollis, director of Sayla Therapeutic Resources.

"I think this is something great and much needed, we have young people who find themselves uneducated, unemployed, don't have a degree, " said Dexter Grimsley, Chief Juvenile Probation Officer.

And having a degree is something worth fighting for.

"They don't need to be missing out on their education while they're there. so this gives them the opportunity to work with some one on one instruction, individualized instruction to be able to pursue their goal," said Watson.

"Education is number one, we're always focusing on education with the students and this just gives us one more tool to make sure that they are educated," said said Hollis.

Education can lead to a future bigger than the teens imagine.

"Once they get their GED, that's the way I like to say it, once they get their GED, they're able to enroll at Wallace. some of them may have never even considered that as an option," said Watson.

Wallace Community College is still looking for teachers to help with the GED program at Sayla Therapeutic Resources.

A date hasn't been set for the program to start.
Wallace officials hope to have everything ready by the first of October.

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