New District Lines

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"The lines have been rezoned in some of the districts to improve population for district 1, some of district 2 has been removed and added into district 1," says Jemmie Watford, a concerned citizen.

With these new line changes in order, it could affect commissioner candidates from qualifying.

"In the event that the present city commissioner for district 2 is going to run, he lives now also in district 1 so if in the event, based on the rules, if he hasn't moved 6 months prior to the election then hes ineligible to run again for district 2 also."

Qualifying rules outline exactly what needs to be met when it comes to your residence.

"You have to have consistently resided at your residence six months prior to running for commissioner," says Watford.

Even though this one street keeps Watford from running, he still considers district 2 his home.

"Ill continue to serve in the community, ill continue to be an advocate for the district, I'm sure a lot of people including myself still feel like I'm apart of district 2 as apposed to 1. Its going to take some time to get use to that"

But the overall objective is clear.

"I would definitely like for the community to know what the rules are as far as the city is concerned for people that would run for commissioner.

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