New Changes to Alabama Homestead Tax Exemptions

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Governor Robert Bentley signed Act 2013-295, which changes Alabama’s homestead tax exemptions. These exemptions lower property taxes.

Houston County Revenue Department is mailing letters to seniors with these qualifications: 65+ years old, have homestead exemptions, and received more than $12,000 on their Federal Income Tax return. Under this Act, they could have the opportunity for a better tax exemption. Also, if they received less than $12,000 on their State return, they qualify for an additional exemption.

“What we’re trying to do is to make sure that everybody who is entitled to these exemptions will get the best exemption they are entitled to,” said Starla Moss Matthews, Houston County Revenue Commissioner.

These new tax breaks will apply to the property taxes from January 2013. Matthews said this came as an incentive for more people to become property owners.

If you have any questions, contact Houston County Revenue Department at 334-677-4717. All applications must be returned to their office by July 22nd.

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