New Business for Headland

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It is a quaint city, where 5,000 people call home. Being so close to Dothan, it is hard to keep business thriving in Headland.

But new reports show its economy is looking up. Sales tax revenue is up 23.71%. And that’s the largest sales tax increase Headland has seen in the past few years. The mayor says that has a lot to do with new businesses opening up.”

Headland Mayor Ray Marler said, “People are staying local and people are shopping local and spending their money here.”

A boutique, sports apparel store, restaurant, bakery and coffee shop all put up ‘now open’ signs along the Headland Square in the past 8 months.

Owner of Polka Dots and Lace Katy Lewis said, “Well and it is funny because we are all friends. And so everybody is like ‘you just got together and opened up stores.’ But we just all love Headland and knew this is where we wanted to be.”

So when the space opened up, there was no hesitation for Katy Lewis to make her dreams of opening a boutique and hair salon a reality.

Lewis said, “Everybody kind of was like ‘well I guess its time to move to something else.’ And s we were like ‘Hey we will move in thanks.’”

And customers are happy to take advantage of Headland square’s new options.

Sylvia Forrester said, “We always love to see new businesses everywhere and especially in little towns. We don’t want any of the little towns to fade away in this area.”

This past March sales tax revenue was up more than 30,000 dollars compared to last year. Mayor Marler hopes this trend continues.

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