New Business Aims to Keep Electronic Items Out of Landfills

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Did you know throwing away your old electronics can be toxic for the environment?

A new business in Dothan is ready to help keep our landfills clean.

Scrapaholics takes donations of broken and worn out electronic items like cell phones, laptops, and even T.V’s.

They recycle these items properly and keep them out of landfills.

Owner Daryl Harrison says a lot of people just don't know how toxic some of these electronics can be for the land.

"What I ask people is, "If you're at home and your toaster dies, what are you going to do with it?" Everybody says they'll throw it in the garbage can and this is what we want to stop is electronics going into trash cans," Harrison said.

Scrapaholics will pick-up your old or broken electronics within 25 miles for free.

To schedule a pick-up you can call 596-6495.