Neighbors Angry Over 400 Pound Pet Pigs Left to Roam

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Ashford, AL - Calvin Blair has a problem. An 800 pound problem.

His neighbors moved off and left their two potbellied pigs to roam the area.

Now the 400 pound animals have been rolling around in Blair's yard. He isn't exactly rolling out the welcome mat.

"They're tearing up property. They're eating up plants. Basically just walking around out here eating what they can savage," said Blair.

The animals aren't vicious or wild. But they are blind and have lost a lot of weight.

"Once you take an animal and you care for it. You feed it. It gets used to being fed by you and being cared for by you and you abandon it, it doesn't know about living in the wild or foraging for food," said Blair.

Blair has tried to contact the pets' owners repeatedly, but he says they refuse to come back for the animals.

Now the Houston County Sheriff's Office is stepping in, but without animal control there's little they can do.

"I'm not cruel. I love animals. I have several, but I can't take care of these animals," said Blair.

Officials have talked with the pig's owners by phone. They said they are making arrangements to have the pigs picked up. Officials say they will continue to follow up on the situation.

Even if Houston County did have animal control, it would still be a tough situation.
Police say it is difficult to care for 800 pounds of pig and even find a place to keep them.

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