Neglected Dog Raises Concern for Neighbors After Multiple Reports to Dothan Animal Control

For months Brittany Durrett, her roommate and family have watched a neighbor’s dog deteriorate.

"I think we've called four or five times and other people in the neighborhood have called several different times. He had a large gaping wound on the back of his right ear,” Durrett said.

Durrett, along with other neighbors say they rarely see anyone visit the home to check on the dog.

"Nobody has been at this house for at least a good five months. An older gentleman bought it for I think a family member trying to fix it up. He put the dogs out here for protection, guarding and everything and nobody shows up to take care of him. He may show up maybe once a month if the dogs are lucky,” Durrett said.

Durrett says there used to be two dogs on the property, until just last week when animal came and took the other dog.

"He kept hopping our fence and with three children around we don't know if they're vicious or not. They don't seem to be to us but we don't know if they're ever around kids or not. So we had to get animal control to come get him,” Durrett said.

Dothan Animal Control pulled up a list of the calls from various neighbors, dating back to June.

Woodruff says there are laws in Alabama that protect dogs as far as food, water and shelter.

If there's a call made to Dothan Animal Control and they come to the property and there are all of those things, they can't seize the animal.

"If we do come up on a situation like that and we see there's not food, there's not water and it looks like it's been like that for some time - if the animal is in distress we are going to take the animal from the property,” Sgt. Adrianne Woodruff with the Dothan Police Dept. said.

"I’d honestly not rather have the owner come get it because if they're going to sit here and leave it here - Who’s to say they aren't sitting with an animal at their house and they neglect it. That's all this is, is neglect,” Durrett said.

News 4’s Jessica Leicht told Woodruff there was no water when she was at the home.

So as the situation stands now Dothan Animal Control has the dog at the Dothan City Animal Shelter.