Nebraska: The Country's Worst Intersection?

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Bloggers have labeled one Omaha, Nebraska Intersection the worst in the nation.

Thousands of people made their way home during rush hour on Tuesday night, and many drove through the worst intersection in America.

Even the street signs seem confused where 132nd, industrial, Millard, and L come together.

Something that just doesn't make sense to Dan Weis, who works near this intersection and goes through it at least twice a day.

The design is what has made these crossroads the worst intersection in the country, according to - a group that blogs about safe streets.

It points to the few sidewalks, the lack of crosswalks and the nearly 30 lanes as contributing factors.

While some like to walk to avoid driving through the intersection...

Others say there is no good way to get through here...

The Nebraska Department of Roads said over the course of two years, there have been 36 accidents, which is more than one a month.

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