National Volunteer Week Celebrates Area Volunteers and Encourages Others to Lend a Hand

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"When you think you've got it bad look around because you'll find there's other people in a lot worse shape than you are and you can help some people," Volunteer George Johnson said.

You have the power to make a difference in other people's lives, all it takes is your time.

"Money can't buy the same gratification you're going to get from helping somebody. It's realizing that you've helped somebody that really needed the help,” Johnson said.

"There's a good gratitude and you get rewarded, you might not get rewarded down here but Jesus will reward you, he's looking after you as long as you help others," Volunteer Sally Gordon said.

George and Sally volunteer anywhere from 8-12 hours a week at multiple organizations.

Sally started volunteering in 1993, George in 2008.

"I had a tragedy happen in my life and I had to have something to do to occupy my time. So I started volunteering,” Gordon said.

"Well I retired and I was bored silly sitting around doing nothing and to see all the needy people who need help, plus it gets me out of the house, gets me active and gives me something to get up for and to do. I love helping people period,” Johnson said.

Both say since they started giving back, they've been hooked.

"I think everybody has something to give and everybody just about everybody has a need. There's nothing like giving and helping somebody that needs it,” Johnson said.

Both volunteers hope their experience inspires others to lend a hand.

Volunteer opportunities in Dothan:

R.S.V.P – (334)699-5086
Habitat for Humanity – (334)792-8453
Wiregrass Food Bank – (334)794-9775
Wiregrass United Way - (334)792-9661
Southeast Alabama Medical Center – (334)793-8111
SARCOA – (334) 793-6843
Southeast Alabama Child Advocacy Center - (334)671-1779
American Red Cross Wiregrass Chapter - (334)792-9852
Wiregrass Salvation Army - (334) 792-1911