National Missing Persons Rally Highlights Wiregrass Missing Man

Dothan, AL - For nearly twenty years James Toole's family has clung to his pictures, memories and hope.

“For me he knew everything. For me he was the smartest most brilliant person in the room,” said his granddaughter Amanda Morrow.

“My grandfather went from being papa to being a statistic. Another number to a growing statistic,” said Ashley Solomon.

Toole disappeared on May 15, 1995. He was headed to visit a sick relative in Florida. His granddaughters Ashley and Amanda were probably the last people who saw him.

“It wasn't what he said, but how he said it. He said you know that i love you. I looked at him like are you crazy. That was the one thing i was 110% sure of that he loved me. We said goodbye and left and then he just didn't exist anymore. He was gone forever,” said Morrow.

But not forgotten.

The family hopes by joining The Community United Effort Center for Missing Persons, Toole's case will gain exposure and lead to answers.

“I see it all the time we have cases that 20-30 years old. They are getting resolved and people are getting located, and so I think it's always possible to find a missing person. The one thing I do know is you have to look for them,” said CUE Center for Missing Persons Executive Director Monica Caison.

The Houston County Sherrifs Office is. Investigators have recently reached out to agencies around the region. They've compared DNA in John Doe cases from Central Florida and even searched the Chattahoochee River.

Still, Toole's case remains unsolved.

“As an investigator you have to try to put yourself in the victim's family's place. You've got to try to feel what they might be feeling. That's what drives you to try to continue to aggressively investigate these cases,” said Sheriff Andy Hughes.

“Very difficult not having him in my life anymore. He just completely disappeared. We haven't had a chance to say goodbye. We haven't had any closure,” said Solomon.

Toole was last seen driving a brown Chevy Cavalier. Law enforcement is always looking for fresh information. If you have any, you are asked to call the Houston County
Sheriff's Office.

The "On the Road to Remember" missing person’s tour is highlighting more than 100 unsolved cases in the country.

It ends Saturday in Jacksonville.

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