National Guard Recruits Give Blood

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The Alabama National Guard in Daleville hosted a blood drive Sunday morning. It attracted young recruits like Dothan High senior Davon Kincey.
Kincey says he's signed up for the military but also to save lives.

"The least I could do is give back to the community by giving blood that's
universal for everybody."

Kincey's blood is more important than expected. His blood type is what the Wiregrass needs. He’s O negative. Making his blood eligible to be donated to anyone that's in need.

"It's shocking because Idin't know that about "O negative" until now but I feels good to know that my blood can help anybody out," said Kincey.

Kincey wasn't the only one.Other young recruits came out as well. Staff Sergeant Mark Williams put on the event. He say's it's important for the military help out the surrounding community.

"This is a way to help out the community and give back here locally and not only do they serve and support their country nationally but this is a way to support the local community and give back on that too," said Williams.

Organizers hope this event will encourage young recruits to save lives and impact the Daleville area.

At least 20 volunteers from the national guard showed up gave blood to LifeSouth blood mobile.

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