National Association of Letter Carriers Food Drive

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The Wiregrass Area Food Bank and mail carriers are working to can hunger.

It's a system as simple as lifting a red flag.

"People that they normally pick up mail from on their mail routes, those people are donating food in plastic bags and putting it next to their mailboxes and the letter carriers are picking those up for us and bringing them to the food bank," said development director, Julie Gonzalez.

"It’s just an opportunity for the mail carriers to give back to the community," said mail carrier, Charles Rummel.

That sense of giving is part of the National Association of Letter Carriers food drive, better known as Stamp Out Hunger...

With early release from school, it comes at a time when a lot kids are going hungry.

"Here is the Wiregrass, we have a lot of needy people and a lot of kids that do without now that school's not in and all that," Said volunteer, Eric Sanders

This gives people a good reason, to volunteer their time.

"The mail carriers are doing their parts; everyone is doing their part by putting their food out for the mail carriers so seemed like an easy way to spend a couple hours on a Saturday morning," said volunteers.

"I take leave to do this so I can come in here and work this thing. I mean it's just such a good feeling and especially with my grandkids no. It helps to really get them involved in the communities"

"Now last year the Wiregrass Food Bank raised over 25k pounds of food. This year they are already off to a great start and hope to do even more."

"This year the letter carriers actually mailed out postcards and plastic baggies to everybody in Alabama so we are hoping that we can go over and beyond the 25k that were donated last year. We are hoping we can double that this year."

Making it that little extra mile, that will make all the difference.

"It's just a wonderful feeling just knowing that we are going to help people out."

Now if you did not remember to leave your food by the mailbox today, its okay, mail carriers will continue to pick up non-perishable food for the next couple of days,