NYPD Officer Speaks on His Act of Kindness

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The 25-year-old New York police officer, whose act of kindness was captured in this picture, says he hasn't seen the homeless man since he bought him a pair of boots on a frigid night in Times Square.
In a way, that shoeless man changed Officer Lawrence DePrimo's life.
Last week, he was just a young cop who had been on the force for two years.
But since the picture went viral on Tuesday ... he's become one of the N-Y-P-D's shining stars for his simple act of generosity.

"He was extremely thankful. he had a smile from ear to ear, which is something I'll never forget. And he said, thank you, officer. He's like, god bless you and be safe out there. He kept on going on his way. I asked him if he wanted to get a cup of coffee and food but he didn't want to and he just kept on going."

"A few people have tried to find him and I hope we do. I'd like to speak to him, but unfortunately I haven't seen him since."

Officer DePrimo says he carries the receipt from the boots with him, inside his bulletproof vest as a reminder of those less fortunate.

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