NASA Curiosity Rover Lands on Mars! (Updates)

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12:32am Central - Landing successful!

12:29am Central - Parachute deployed.

12:26am Central - The so-called "Seven Minutes of Terror" have begun as Curiosity enters Mars' atmosphere. NASA confirms that telemetry from Odyssey is coming in.

12:19am Central - The lander is on its way the surface--just a few minutes from entering the Mars atmosphere.

12:12am Central - NASA confirms that the parent probe of the rover, Odyssey, is in position to relay communications to Earth.

12:02am Central - The probe is less than an hour from landing, and all signals are still good.

11:24pm Central - NASA reports that there will be no more commands issued from Earth. The probe is now on its own for the final approach.

The latest unmanned mission to Mars is set to land on the red planet early Monday Morning. Updates here.

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