N. Foster St. Improvement Project Affecting Businesses?

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DOTHAN,AL--It's a site drivers and shoppers don't want to see but what about business owners?

"It's going to affect business a little bit but it hasn't stopped business."

Bernadean Flanagan owns Vintage Chic in downtown Dothan. She says the construction takes up parking spots and that sometimes deters shoppers.

"It's just there's some people that just won't walk," added Flanagan.

Crews are replacing the water lines along Foster Street.
But Flanagan says even though business is a little bit slower, crews are making the inconvenience easier to deal with.

"I think they're doing the best they can with it. but the people who are doing the construction have gone out of their way to be nice and to tell me when they're cutting the water off and when they're turning it back on."

Site superintendents say the goal is to get the job done without disrupting business.

"Just making sure were not getting in their way, providing as much parking down here as we can not taking up too many spaces," said Chris Kirkland with L-and-K Contracting.

Businesses will have to stick it out for a while longer because a site supervisor with the construction company said the recent rain has caused delays.

"In a month, probably 8 working days which is almost a week 5 days and a half so almost two weeks."

Crews say just in case their work is slowing down business, those who sell food get a slight boost.

"We're also trying to eat lunch at the businesses down here as well."

A simple gesture to keep everything flowing.

Construction crews say they plan to move to the other side of Foster Street sometime next week.

Crews expect waterline repairs to be complete within a month or a month and a half weather permitting.
Once they're done the next phase will begin.

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