Murder Victim Charlotte Branton’s Family Talks About her Life, legacy and How They're Doing.

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A wiregrass family mourns the loss of a loved one.

A Jacksonville man is accused of shooting his former fiancé Charlotte Branton.

While her legal name is Charlotte Branton, her family calls her Charlotte McCall.

McCall, originally from Cottonwood was in the process of moving back to Dothan to take care of her elderly mother.

"It’s a day by day process. You go to sleep every night you wake up the next morning and it starts over again. It’s probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through. It’s something that it doesn't happen to you. It happens on TV. Or it happens to other people but it doesn't happen to you,” McCall’s niece Tara Spallino said.

Spallino says the family was looking forward to having charlotte back in Dothan.

"We were very excited for her to come back; she was very excited to come back. She was coming back to be closer to her mother, my grandmother and her sister, my mother. She should already be moved back here. Tuesday morning the movers were going to be at her apartment to move her back,” Spallino said.

Spallino says her aunt was the kind of person that brightened up any room she walked into.

"Always making people laugh, always had something crazy, or funny or silly to say or do. She always made an entrance, so you knew when charlotte was there. It's going to be quiet without her,” Spallino said.

Spallino reflects on her favorite memory of her aunt - "When I was in the 10th grade, I had gotten my first broken heart and I had to stay with her that weekend because my parents were out of down. She wouldn't let me stay down. She took me shopping and bought me new clothes and bright red lipstick, my mother loved that. She wouldn't let me be sad, she wouldn't let me focus on the broken heart I was feeling. She was always like that,” Spallino said.

Spallino says she will always remember her aunt's legacy.

"The words that keep popping in my head are live life to the fullest. Don't have any regrets, don't take any chances and don't be afraid to love no matter what,” Spallino said.

McCall had three children and nine grandchildren.

Spallino says the family is thankful to the community for their support and prayers.