Multiple agencies battle Daleville fire

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A family is without their home tonight in Daleville. A fire destroyed their home earlier today. Crews from Fort Rucker, Clayhatchee, and Level Plains helped to battle the fire.

Larry Hacker has worked hard for his home. “I had 8 payments left on this house and it would have been paid for,” he said.

But that hard work couldn’t prepare him for what happened early Tuesday. Hacker’s first problem was when the power went out.

When it came back on a short time later, his family went outside to play with little Amber and that’s when they discovered the bigger problem.

“So I ran around and it was so black you couldn’t even see to get in their. I grabbed a bucket and tried to put it out,” he said.

Volunteers in Daleville were there in minutes. “It was just too late. There were sparks going through the window. I guess it was electrical,” Hacker said.

And that’s what fire officials think sparked it as well. Another problem for Hacker was the limited number of firefighters.

“We didn’t hear too many responses coming up from our volunteers because they are at their jobs during the daytime. So, on a daytime fire like this we do have to call for other agencies,” said Lt. Jerry Sapp.

With extra crews in place, they were able to get inside, tear down the ceiling and put out the flames. Now Larry is figuring out how to pick up the pieces.

“See what all we can salvage in there. I mean as far as our personal belongings it probably is just junk now,” Hacker said.

“The goldfish inside is still even living. And they were in the area where the fire was. So we got thumbs up for the goldfish,” Sapp said.

A small silver lining in a day of problems and before a long process of cleanup.

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