Move-Over Law keeps Emergency Personel Safe

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For the month of January, Alabama law enforcement will be increasing their focus on making drivers aware of the state's move-over law.

This is all about keeping emergency responders safe.

"You have to get over to the side you have to slow down," said Sergeant Eggleston,

Sergeant Eggleston realizes drivers play a huge role in helping law enforcement do their job.
The move-over law also protects other agencies that help the public.

Eggleston added, "It's a safety issue that to make sure that our police officers, our fire departments, our line workers aren't going to get hurt if they happen to step out from the side of their vehicle or if the traffic driver isn't paying attention. It happens to drift into the lane and drift over and hit that vehicle."

Companies like Wiregrass Electric Cooperative are one of the newest members included in the law's protection.

"Anything to keep our guys safe, to keep restoring power, to help working on the lines, it's good for the community," says Brad Kimbro, the Director of Member Services.

It is there to help everyone. Kimbro says not having to worry about cars let's utility workers focus on the task at hand.

"Their focused on what they're doing working with many times live electrical lines but to have that added comfort to know that this law is protecting them from a speeding car or getting to close to the shoulder of the road."

The move over law protects everyone from sanitation and utility workers to law enforcement. Violators could face fines.

Officials say if you're unable to move over because of traffic you can always slow down and approach with caution.

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