More Women Are Buying Guns

The face of your typical gun owner isn't what it used to be.

“Women would come with their husbands and were looking bored. Now it's the other way around.”

When it comes to supply and demand women are driving the firearms market to a large extent now.

“It's been going for quite a while. But the increase has become steadily more and more as the industry has stepped up to the plate and targeted women more.”

Local gun dealers say they've noticed a steady increase in women buying their products in the past five to seven years.

“Sometimes you'll notice little ladies purchasing huge guns and enjoying them. But generally it's the smaller guns.”

Take the Smith & Wesson 642 hammerless for example. It's small enough to fit in your pocket just like a cell phone.

“The ones that we typically recommend are revolvers because they're lightweight, not a bad recoil but they're powerful enough to get the job done.”

But the Annie Oakly phenomenon is about more than just protection.

Many women are taking up shooting for sport.

“You have more guns in the general population. More people are shooting and trying it out and finding hey I like this and women are finding that out as well.”

In fact, the number of women participating in target shooting in the US has nearly doubled in the last decade.

It's grown, to nearly five million women since 2001.

“There's a large number of women that go in for the training. They want to get caught up to speed with men.”

“They're becoming a lot more inquisitive and interested.”

Whether it's for sport or self defense, as more women load up, aim and fire, gun dealers and industry execs hope they'll continue to keep the business booming.

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