More Space for More Kids at the Boys & Girls Club in Ozark

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OZARK -- While it might only look like a pile of mud and concrete now, soon enough an addition will take its place at the Boys & Girls Club in Ozark.

Serving more than 900 children and teens since 1996, and with a waiting list more than three pages long, the facility is ready for an upgrade.

Executive Director and former club member Lonnie Groomes said that while the number of kids has quadrupled over the years, the size of the facility has stayed the same.

He said he hates not having enough space to compensate for the need.

"It's so sad when you have kids come in and they're so excited and they see the club and then we have to turn them down," Groomes said.

The club offers a number of different programs for youth in the area including sports teams, one-on-one tutoring, mentoring, etc. during the summer months and after-school hours.

The new addition will allow as many as 150 more students per day to take advantage of the Boys & Girls Club opportunities. The new center will offer a number of new classrooms, as well as areas designed for dance and choir.