More Oil Leaking from Deepwater Horizon Wreckage?

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A dive team from BP is investigating the source of new oil slicks in the Gulf of Mexico.

They're trying to determine if the slicks are coming from the Deepwater Horizon wreckage or wells.

The first slick was spotted in mid-September. BP confirmed it was from the Deepwater Horizon and say they plugged the leak.

However, sheens continue to surface, and the company has already admitted to lying about how much oil spewed into the Gulf in 2010.

Congressman Ed Markey helped lead the original investigation in 2010.

"Back in 2010, I said BP was either lying or incompetent," he said. "Well it turns out they were doing both, and this is the same crime scene. My concern is that substantial amounts of oil could still be leaking from the wreckage."

Congress wants to know how much oil could potentially be trapped on the floor of the Gulf, but BP says it can't provide Congress with the information they need due to pending litigation.

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