More Choosing Guns for their Sweetheart this Year

Dothan, AL - Whether it's a dozen roses, a box of chocolates, or even some new bling people are expected to spend more this year on their sweetheart. In fact, The National Retail Federation expects shoppers to spend about 131 dollars this Valentine's day.

"Probably a nice dinner and a movie," said Angeliece Branch.

Instead of dinner and movie. Many are choosing dinner and a gun shop. More couples are coming in to check out the guns together and make sure they are picking the right one.

"That way they can pick the gun up and see how it feels. That way they don't get something they don't like. There's been a lot more of that coming in the last few days," said Heath Moorehead, Sportsman's Outfitters in Dothan.

Kaci Bowman thinks it's a great idea.

"I actually bought my fiancé one for Christmas. Guys love guns," she said.

But, what about girls?

She said, "It depends. It depends what type of girl they are if they like guns or not. "

While firearms aren't for everyone, manufacturers are helping cupid hit the mark.

"Women look at aesthetics first. A lot of gun manufacturers have started putting different colors on the guns. On a black gun they'll make it pink or fuchsia. Basically making the guns into something a lady would like. It's protection, but to women it's also an accessory," said Moorehead.

That safety feature could be the most romantic aspect of all.

"Guns can protect you and a dozen roses can't," said Bowman.

No, they can't. But if you are looking for a quick delivery option on Valentine's Day, the roses are probably the better choice.

Of course guns come with more responsibility than flowers. Experts recommend a gun safety course for new owners.

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