More Children Using Tanning Beds

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Doctors say a tanning session at your salon may have you walking out with more than just a tan.

“We are seeing rising rates of melanoma, it’s probably the number one cause of cancer under 35.” Pediatrician Michael Ramsey said.

Doctors say it's no longer just adults going to tanning beds. Now kids are as well.

“When you look at the number of children who use tanning beds, about 25 percent of children 13 to eighteen have been to a tanning bed at least once. So it is something that is very popular.” Ramsey said.

With the exception of Jefferson County, Alabama currently has no regulations or laws for tanning beds.
And that’s something doctors are concerned about.

“Young children are more likely to have problems with burning, dry skin, and can even get eye damage from this type of situation.” Ramsey said.

The Alabama chapter of the American academy of pediatrics is now in support of house bill 179, which hopes to prohibit children under the age of 18 from exposure to tanning beds.

“There is really no safe age for anyone to go into a tanning bed, but especially young children.” Ramsey said.

Studies also show that 25 percent of "lifetime" skin damage happens before the age of eighteen.

Just another reason why Ramsey says tanning beds should be avoided all together.

As of Friday, the bill was still in the health committee of the state house.

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