Mobile Woman Fights Off Purse Thief

It happened last week outside a gas station.

Bridgett Bolen says she was vacuuming out her car when the suspect approached her, but Bolen wasn't going to just let him walk away with her stuff.

"Out of the corner of my eye, I saw this guy leaning over in my car and he had my purse and my keys and I hollered at him. His back was turned to me and I yelled, sir! He turned around and when he did, I kind of kicked him between the legs. He fell down enough to get in my face, I was able to be face to face with him and I just straight weigh-layed him, “ said Bolen.

After prying her purse and keys from his hands, Bolen ran into the gas station bathroom.

The person in the car next to hers called police.