Mobile Man Starts Petition for Ala. to Secede

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MOBILE, AL - A growing number of petitions in various states are popping up online in support of seceding from the nation. Alabama is one of them.

For Derrick Belcher the re-election of Barack Obama was the straw that broke the camel's back.

"I don't think the federal government is being fair to the American people," Belcher says. "I think they are being overbearing. They are taxing us to death and they are taking away our freedoms at a breakneck speed."

But Belcher says he wants to get those freedom's back. His idea? An online petition.

"This is a petition asking the government to let Alabama secede from the union."

Yes, you heard it right. Straight out of the days of Lincoln, Belcher wants Alabama to break away from the United States.

"It says we petition the state of Alabama to peacefully grant the state of Alabama to withdraw from the United States of America and create its own new government."

It's a tall order and may be a far-fetched and unrealistic plan.

"I don't think it will amount to much more than a hill of beans, but I get where the guy is coming from," said Dennis Hyland.

But Belcher certainly isn't alone in his feelings. He's shooting for 25,000 signatures, and he's already he's gotten more than 11,000. The petition is hosted on the White House web site.

"I do think that it is something that can happen here, and I do think that they will have to take it seriously because when 25,000 people speak up and say this is what we want, they are making some noise," Belcher says.

People from at least 20 other states have similar petitions up, and depending on who you ask, they'll all have a similar fate.

"I'm not sure the right idea is to say down with big government," said Tracy Eldridge. "I believe one day we will need that big government and it is here to stay. It is part of our world. I would be disappointed, but it is still worth doing. At least we have the opportunity and we are not going to have the opportunity if we don't start somewhere and this is the place that we need to start."

According to the White House website, if a petition gets 25-thousand signatures in a month, it will be reviewed by White House staffers. They will then officially respond to it.

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