Missing New Brockton Man

Heavy rain led to ponding in yards and roadways in parts of Pike County on Monday, August 19th, 2013.
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Alabama and Oklahoma authorities are investigating the disappearance of an elderly New Brockton man.

Seventy-three-year-old Maxwell Barnes was last seen with 43-year-old Barbara Wood.

"We received a call Wednesday of Mister Barnes, Maxwell Barnes missing from some of family and friends he’s been staying with, done a report, put a B.O.L.O out for him nationwide…and we’ve got a hit from Oklahoma," said Dale Grimes, New Brockton Police Chief.

The Greenville, Alabama, woman is accused of shooting Butler county Alabama man to death in 2012.

Wood was arrested in Duncan, Oklahoma, after a high-speed chase yesterday. Police say she was in Barnes' car.

Two-months ago ... Barnes was living with friends at a home on south johns street in New Brockton.

The two had reportedly been visiting Barnes' relatives in Oklahoma ... When he went missing several days ago.

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