Missing Horse Back Home Safe

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The last few days were hard for many area residents. But when a family’s horse escaped from their home, the weather was only part of their concern.

“She escaped Monday early morning around 11. We thought she wasn't going to go very far but she actually did. We lost sight of her in about 40-acres of woods,” explained Jennifer Carico.

Tarina is a 10-month-old Arabian Filly show horse. She was getting ready to go to Knoxville when she was spooked and ran off.

“She ran around in the woods back here by our neighbors, and honestly most horses will just come back after they get done and she headed back this way one time and then she jumped a 4-foot fence back there and cleared it,” said Jennifer.

At first, the family went after Tarina on foot, but after hours went by with no luck, they turned to the internet.

“We had people from Maine calling, people from Mississippi, California, Arizona, people know her all over the country now which is kind of cool,” said Jennifer. “So everybody was concerned.”

Back in Dothan, the family and more than 20 volunteers combed the woods on foot, on horseback and 4-wheelers.

“Everyday I got on my horse ‘Rojo’ and we looked, we went into the woods and looked around,” said Presley Carico. “It was crazy, we crossed the railroad tracks, we went everywhere.”

With help from family and friends, Tarina was found on Wednesday night.

“What she had actually done is circled back to the railroad tracks and back through the 40 some acres and got stuck in the thicket,” said Jennifer. “That's where she was.”

It was a scary few days for Tarina, but she’s happy to be home.

“She has some minor lacerations and scrapes. Her rope was tightened around her back leg when she got stuck she had a little swelling there. She pulled muscles in her neck so she has a little difficulty there, but she's on pain medicine and she's doing good.”

Once Tarina recovers from her injuries, she will head to Knoxville to compete.

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