Meet the Miss National Peanut Festival Queens

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And the winner is...

The girls heard the words and their lives immediately changed.

"When that clock was doing its ding dongs, I was like, my heart was beating like this, a mile a minute and I was so excited!"

"It was so exciting, it was so surreal. The lights are on you, you can't see the audience all you can see are the six judges. It's a moment that just truly stops time."

DeVane, who has only been in two pageants prior to Miss National Peanut Festival, says the experience was unlike any other.

"It was a new experience completely. I had always been a volleyball player and we were on the court with our jerseys and all. So being on stage in front of that many people in a dress, makeup and heels was a lot different than anything I was used to."

And for turner, getting pageant perfect is just business as usual.

"We had to work on my hair sometimes and we had to figure out the perfect dress, in just the right length too."

Both queens say they are excited about representing the Wiregrass and are ready to work.

"I can't wait until the fair because we get to grease the pigs and I get to go on the giant slide and get pictures with the sea lions. But watch out, the sea lions might kiss you sometimes!"

"We are there everyday and we have different events each day. We go for special citizens’ day, we go for kindergarten day, we're there for the greased pig and the rodeos."

So when you visit the National Peanut Festival this year, look for Whitney and Emily to be there proudly supporting the Wiregrass. Crown on head and peanuts in hand.

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