Miller County Hospital is Getting Some Major Renovations

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Registered Nurse, Debbie Buckhalter has been working at Miller County Hospital for 13 years.

"I just love it. I love the people here, most of my family is from here and I live in Donalsonville, but I drive here to come to work every day," Buckhalter said.

While she loves coming to work every day - the facility’s even longer history, has revealed the need for some updates.

"The building was constructed in 1957 so it's 56 years old and if you can imagine, in the 1950's what your electrical system was and do you think when the facility was built anyone thought about thinks like PET scans, MRI, CAT scans? No," CEO Robin Rau said.

Now the hospital is getting more than 4 ½ million dollars for upgrades and renovations.

The renovations are funded from a USDA loan.

Along with the operating rooms, they're updating their dietary area, hospital rooms, electric and mechanical systems.

"Most of the facility is being touched by those renovations. It's just a huge project, a lot of money that we're spending but we think its well worth it," Rau said.

The patients say it's well worth it too.

"They love it, we have large TV’s, we have big rooms, all of our rooms have private bathrooms, so they really like that," Buckhalter said.

"Our patients really love it, what they've seen and we expect to be here for the next 20 to 40 years so it's just a part of our survival strategy," Rau said.

They expect to complete the renovations by 2014.

The hospital is also renovating its nursing home.