Miller County, GA Says Goodbye to Former Sheriff

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A blazing sun over Colquitt, Georgia disguised a dark hum among the Miller County community. Thursday night, they said goodbye to their sheriff of 17 years—Sheriff "Buddy" Glass.

“He was way more than the sheriff. He was everybody's friend,” said Shane Rathel, Interim Sheriff.

Glass died early Sunday morning from an accidental drowning. He was riding his golf cart, when it fell into a pond. Pinned by the cart, authorities said he also suffered a heart attack. His wife--Rita--found him, and his team relived the nightmare.

“I didn’t believe it. I could tell in her voice that something was wrong,” said Rathel.

Glass came from a big family. He had six children, 12 grandchildren, and the entire Miller County community.

“He was a father to a lot of people—a father to all of us standing here. He was all of ours role model,” Rathel explained.

Law enforcement from across the counties showed their support. People in the area offered their condolences. Rathel said he has big shoes to fill.

“Anybody he could help, he was just as willing to help somebody get through a problem. We all looked at him not only as a boss-man, but as a friend,” stated Rathel.

The Miller County Sheriff's Department will hold on to Glass's advice. He taught them well, and they will think of him when they protect, serve, and do what’s right—Glass's motto.

Chief Deputy Shane Rathel will serve as Interim Sheriff until a special election in September. He will run as Sheriff, then.

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