Mike Hubbard Visits Dothan

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Alabama house speaker Mike Hubbard had a lot on his mind when he came to speak to the wiregrass.
He says he'll tackle many issues in the upcoming legislative session.

“I'm excited about the session starting. You are going to see some major legislation take place.” Alabama House Representative Mike Hubbard said.

Alabama representative Mike Hubbard knows there's a lot to be done in Alabama.
He says working past federal government obstacles is one of the biggest issues.

“In the last fiscal cliff legislation passed 45 dollars of new taxes for every one dollar of spending cuts. Well you compare that to what we've done in the state of Alabama, we haven’t raised taxes but we have cut 730-million dollars out of the state budget.” Hubbard said.

Another issue he hopes to tackle in the upcoming 2013 session.

“We don’t agree with the gun control measure that the administration is trying to pass. I don’t think congress will pass their part but the president does things through executive order we don’t agree with either.” Hubbard said.

Hubbard wants Alabamians to know, he will fight for what they really want.

“Part of our agenda is making sure businesses are not saddled with burdens and regulations. We are cutting through the red tape for what we can handle at a state level.” Hubbard said.

And in an effort to save the state money, Hubbard spoke about consolidating law enforcement agencies.

“We’re looking at some alignments we're working with the executive branch on public safety. There are 22 public agencies in the state that all have some type of police force and simply are going to consolidate those and make sure we can hare resources and make sure it serves the public better.” Hubbard said.

He says doing this could save up to 40 million dollars.

“Anytime you change the status quo people are concerned about it but we have researched it working very closely with the executive branch to make sure that’s its the right thing to do from an operations stand point.” Hubbard said.

In his speech, Hubbard said Alabama’s economy is improving faster than any other state, and he hopes to continue this trend through proper legislation.

Hubbard says there are some exciting things coming to the wiregrass soon.
He didn't go into specifics so we'll just have to wait and see what comes out of the upcoming session.

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