Midland City Woman Becomes 'Target' of Holiday Shopping Security Breach

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On Dec. 6, 2013 a Midland City woman decided to buy a sweater while picking up medicine at target. Over a month later, she learned that the purchase cost her more than the $8.99 she originally paid.

She is only one of the 70-million customers who have been affected by the Target holiday shopping breach. Because of her situation, she has asked to not be identified.

However, she says that in addition to having her financial information stolen, hackers also took her identity.

“My credit has been run 17 times since December. 23,” she said. “In Texas, Nevada, and New Mexico, I had good credit and now its dropped like 28 points. I have a red flag on my credit now because they are saying that it has been run just to buy stuff, so my credit is frozen at this point.”

Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange has issued a statement about the scam. It stays that anyone who thinks they are a victim of the breach should visit www.target.com/databreach.

To help shoppers, Target is offering a free credit monitoring and identity theft prevention plan for those affected. The company has also invested over $5 million in cyber security.

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