Water Bill Increase Coming to Midland City Residents

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Many Midland City residents made their way to City Hall this week to pay their water bill, but the next time they go, they will be paying more.

“I feel like the water bill is already too high for the people who are living here,” said Preston Rolack Jr.

Rolack is currently living with his sister in Midland City, but for the last few months he has seen how hard it can be to pay the bills. One month they even had the water turned off because of a late payment. Rolack’s scenario may be more common in the city since a newly passed water bill will force residents to pay even more.

Residents were originally paying $10.25 for every 2,000 gallons of water they used a month. Following Tuesday night’s increase, residents will now be paying $13.

“It’s outrageous, outrageous. Why do I want to, as a student, when I am paying troy university once every 2 months about 4k dollars for tuition, for books, for fees and everything else why do I want to pay more money on my water, when I’m not using very much its outlandish to me,” Stated Midland City resident Victoria Romigh.

Elected officials aren’t too thrilled about the increase either, but after comparing rates to neighboring towns, they don’t think their residents are being taken advantage of.

“I can see where they have great concern but again comparing Midland City to Napier field then it is still in fact a dollar less than Napier Field,” said Midland City Councilman George Williams.

The increase is the first since November of 2013 when the rate was increased from $10.25 to $10.50 and even with a couple of dollar increase, residents are still paying less in Midland City than they would in other towns.

“Even with the increase we are a dollar less than Napier Field so with that one comparison yes we are in line but however it is still a big jump, huge jump.”

Despite the large increase, officials do have silver lining for residents, they say that this large of an increase means that the water bill will not be increased anytime in the near future.

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