Midland City Mayor, Residents Speak Out After ABI Seizes Documents

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The Mayor of Midland City is speaking out after city documents were seized by the Alabama Bureau of Investigation (ABI).

Mayor Virgil Skipper says Thursday, started like any other day, until ABI showed up at City Hall asking for financial documents.

According to the Dale County District Attorney, the investigation started after some concerned citizens complained.

ABI agents took documents from between October 2013 and April 2014. According to Mayor Skipper, the documents will only show that the city has done everything by the books.

“We haven't done anything that isn't in earnest with the law,” said Mayor Virgil Skipper. “Everything that we do is above board and like I say they have all the paperwork and we don't feel ill at ease by no means.”

However, not all Midland City residents feel the same way about the investigation; some say it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

“There have been so many complaints about what's being done and the misappropriation of the city funds as well as what the mayor is doing as far as the council or more of what they are not doing,” said a resident who asked to not be identified.

He is isn’t the only one. Another concerned citizen claims the city has used tax payer dollars for inappropriate expenditures, like fixing Mayor Skipper’s car after he was in an accident.

Although there are mixed feelings in town, the Mayor says he isn’t letting it get in the way of business. A sidewalk grant was recently approved for the city.

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