Midland City Hostage Crisis Suspect Named

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Much has been said about Jimmy Lee Dykes.

"He was obviously working on something...but he's always working on something," says Dyke's neighbor Ronda Wilbur.

The man believed to have murdered a bus driver and is still holding a child hostage in Midland City. Many who know Dykes personally have come forward since this crisis began to shed light on a man they say is unstable.

He's always seemed like a weird person and I always thought that's just the way he is," says Jimmy Davis.

"He has no days or nights...that was one of the creepiest things...like doesn't this man ever sleep?"

And according to neighbors Dykes never shied away from confrontation.

"He did not want anyone or anything bothering him."
"About the third time I told him to calm down Mr. Jimmy Dykes turned around and ran about 30 foot to his van and pulled out a pistol."

A retired truck driver, Dykes has had multiple run-ins with the law.

According to Florida Law Enforcement records he was arrested in Panama City in 1995 for the improper use of dangerous weapons. Those charges were later dismissed but five years later he was arrested again...this time for possession of marijuana. Dykes was actually set to stand trial for menacing charges just one day after this hostage crisis began.

One of the most violent reported incidents was when he reportedly murdered one of his neighbor's dogs.

"He took a lead pipe, and beat the dog until he thought the dog was dead."

Many questions remain unanswered as this crisis continues but until they are resolved the community holds firm to one solution.

"Pray...just pray."

Prayers that they hope will make sense of this tense situation and the man behind it all.

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