Mid-April is the Ideal Time for Planting a Vegetable Garden

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DOTHAN-- Mid-April is the ideal time to start growing a vegetable garden because the the worst of the cold weather is in the past.

Local Alabama Master Gardener Tom Boyle manages a large vegetable garden at Landmark Park. He grows a large variety of vegetables including peas, garlic, beets, watermelon and carrots.

He said that anyone who has an interest in gardening can be successful and their are bonuses to growing your own vegetables.

"It'll save you trips to the grocery store," Boyle said. "When you're ready for it, it's there for you."

Boyle said it takes a sunny area, the proper soil and knowing how much one can manage pertaining to garden size and number of plants.

Families or individuals who do not own a big space can grow their vegetables in a container or a raised bed. If a person chooses a container, he/she just needs to make sure the bottom has a hole.

Regional Agent Lucy Edwards said one of the first steps to take is testing the soil. Soil tests can be picked up at any county extension agency.