Memorial Day Traffic

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It probably took you a little longer to drive places today.

As the holiday weekend comes to an end and people are headed home from their vacations, our roads get congested.

"Typicially at the end of a three day weekend most of the traffic is on the return into or through Dothan from whatever vacation or vacation destination," said Sergeant Tim Ellison.

But with everyone out and about some local residents decided to not stray too far from home.

"I did notice a lot of traffic, I saw a lot more traffic passing through some of the places," said Dothan resident Mackroyce Corbitt.

With more people on the road you are more likely to get into an accident. To avoid a collison, officers recommend you take you time and not follow too close.

"One of our most typical crashes in an environment like this is a rear end collision people are following too close and the vehicle behind them has to stop abruptly if you are too close you dont have enough time to precieve the hazard and react to it in time," said Ellison.

And since there is a greater chance of a crash, more police have been out.

"We do our best to close patrol the area and have officers around in case something happens or they spot a hazard or they can react safely and quickly to a crash," said Ellison.

But despite the holiday weekend it is important to be aware of your surroundings.

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