Memorial Day Grilling Tips

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When you think of Memorial Day you may think barbeque.

"Steaks, lamb-chops, chicken and pork," Extension Agent Willie Durr said.

These tasty grilled foods can make you sick if you aren't careful.

"Handle food with care,” Durr said.

That care begins when you're at the grocery store.

"Buy the meats last, so they will remain cooler. Then when you get home make sure to refrigerate them," Durr said.

Chill right before you grill, because anytime raw foods get up to 90 degrees they are prone to bacteria.

"You want to make sure you're focusing on keeping foods cool until they're ready to be put on the grill. Don't take all of your food out to the grill and cook while the others are waiting because they can get bacteria as well,” Durr said.

Next make sure you have the most important tool for grilling.

"This little device - A meat thermometer is very important because you want to cook things at the proper temperature," Durr said.

Once you get to cooking, make sure you have plenty of utensils for what you're cooking.

It's important you do not mix raw food or raw utensils with cooked food and cooked utensils.

Memorial Day weekend is also a common time for grill mishaps.

"Unfortunately we see a lot of unattended grill fires. We'll see people go out, get tied up on the phone or with their family and forget about their grill under their porch or in their garage and end up having a structure fire,” Life Safety Educator Robert Herring said.

To cook safe and not sorry, never leave your grill unattended.

In case a fire does get out of control, "Always be safe and call the fire department. Let us come check and make sure everything’s good for the holidays,” Herring said.

Memorial Day is the second-most popular holiday for barbequing besides the 4th of July.