Meet the Ultimate Beatles Fan

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50 years ago, the Beatles touched down in America, and a generation fell in love. Their appearance on the Ed Sullivan show is Charles Rosenay's very first memory.

"It was so vibrant and energetic and I loved every note and inflection. It was the British voices, it was the haircuts and their personalities. It was just everything."

And it changed Rosenay's life. He grew up to lead a fan club, publish a fan magazine, and lead tours to Beatles landmarks in Liverpool.

"There was a magic involved that you can't put your finger on. It was the songs that were above and beyond anything else that was coming out. And it was the freshness and the personality."

Looking back, Beatles drummer Ringo Starr says it was a mutual love affair.

"We were in America where all the music we loved came from so it was just really great. That was the start of our love with America."

For Rosenay, the love never faded. He named his oldest son Harrison after George. Today he's organizing a series of concerts for the 50th anniversary.

Meeting Paul McCartney for the first time was one of the great moments of his life and what he told him that day still goes: thank you for all the joy.

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