Meet the New Henry County School Resource Officer

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His name Deputy Wayne Adkison and he is a Henry County native. He hopes his 27 years of law enforcement experience makes Headland schools a better place.

Deputy Adksion was chosen for this position because he has been a school resource officer for 7 years and has attended national conventions about the job.

He says being a resource officer is about more than just making sure no one gets into the school, it's about building a rapport with students

School administrators say Deputy Adksion will be teaching anti-bullying classes to the younger students and talk about staying out of trouble to the older ones.

"It is based on the triad system it puts an officer in the school for safety reasons it help the parents and the teachers its gives them the opportunity to be law enforcement in the classes as well as counsel children who many need you to befriend them as a law enforcement officer," said Deputy Adkison.

Deputy Adksion says he just wants to make a difference in a child's life.

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